Approved for cosmetic application on nail polish, lipstick, blush, cream, pencil, shadow, shampoo, soap, among others.

Glitter Aluminum

Aluminum film coated with pigment

Glitter Pearlescent

Polyester film coated with pearlescent pigments

Glitter Matte

Polyester film coated with an ink with matte effect

Glitter Iridescente

Film with a special treatment to get the iridescente effect

Glitter Format

Polyester film in many shapes, like star, heart, half-moon, fillet, diamond, flower

Glitter is marketed in sizes: .002”, .004”, .008”, .015”, .025”, .035”, .040”, .062”, .094”

Maxxi Quimica also offers glitter for application in synthetic laminates, plastic, screen printing, glass decoration, and for application in any other material to get special effects and color.