About us

Maxxi Química was founded in 1996. It acts commercially as a supplier of raw-material for the cosmetic market and all other markets looking for color and special effects.

The products marketed by Maxxi Quimica undergo a rigorous process of quality control in all stages involving receiving, storing, handling, weighing, fractionation and transport. This entire process of quality control is in accordance with ISO 9001 standard, in which its Quality Management System aims to ensure the fulfillment of our customer needs.


“Meet the needs of our customers, provide and ensure continuous supply. Act responsibly and ethically. Guarantee the quality of our products and services.”


Maxxi Quimica has its own laboratory for applications and trend development.


Exclusive distributor of BASF effect pigments, Meadowbrook Glitter and Capardoni packaging for cosmetics.


Since its foundation, Maxxi Quimica has been associated with the Brazilian Association of Cosmetics – ABC.