Effect Pigments

Effect pigments are all approved for use in cosmetics like, for example, nail polish, lipsticks, shadow, blush, foundation, loose and compact powder, soap, shampoo, among others.

Effect pigments are composed of micas coated with thin layers of titanium dioxide, thus providing gloss effect.

The pearl glow that it can offer comes from the reflection of light through the transparent layers of metallic oxides on mineral substrates that have different angles and different types of refraction.

Calcium Sodium Borosilicite

Lamellas coated with titanium dioxide and/or iron oxides, among other dyes. They can create effect pigments with high purity of color, brightness, transparency and reflectivity. They can be: Reflecks and Recflecks Dimensions, that are iridescent and pearlescent pigments; Reflecks colors, known to be colorful pearlescent pigments; Reflecks Dimensions colors and Reflecks MultiDimensions, which are pigments that can change color and Calcium Sodium Borosilicite.


It is coated with titanium dioxide to create iridescent white effect. For the reflection to be colored, the thickness of the titanium dioxide layer is essential, and for the effect to be metallic or two tones it is necessary that organic and inorganic dyes are used. For such substrate we have: Cellini ®, Timica ®, Cloisonne ®, Duocrome ®, Gemtone ®, Desert Reflections ® e MultiReflections ®, which are colored effect pigments; and Flamenco ®, which are pearlescent and iridescent pigments.

® trademark BASF

Synthetic Mica

When titanium dioxide is coated with this substrate the result is an effect pigment with a clean and clear color. This happens due to the fact that Chione ™ substrate has a strong transparency.

Bismuth Oxychloride

Crystals of bismuth oxychloride (BiOCl) are precipitated from a solution; thus each one will have a different size, shape, thickness, reflection and brightness. Such crystal can be combined with Mica and/or other dyes. We have: Biju®, Biju Ultra®, Pearl-Glo®, Be-Lite®, Chroma-Lite®, Reflecks™ and Reflecks™ color.

Performance Minerals

They are mineral products that can give brightness and balance to some kind of cosmetic formulations, and they have the property to remain optically neutral. Application: lipstick, blush, cream, foundation, gloss, pencil, shadow, soap and shampoo.

They also have hydro and liposoluble dyes FDC in various colors; pharmaceutical anatase titanium dioxide, silicas for various cosmetic applications.

Other pigments

For applications in which fluorescent, thermochromic, photochromic and phosphorescent effects are sought.